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My wife made me attend the College Funding Workshop at my son Kirk’s high school. I did not like being dragged out of my nice, warm home that night and was extremely skeptical that this guy, Skip, could do anything to help my family.

I decided if I had to be there, I would shut up and listen. As the workshop progressed, I found what I had thought to be true about a number of issues was incorrect. I had been convinced due to our financial status that Kirk would simply have to attend one of our lower-cost, in-state public schools here in New Hampshire: either UNH, Plymouth, or Keene.

By the time the workshop concluded, my brain was alive with the idea that maybe, just maybe, Kirk could go to one of the NESCAC (New England Small College Athletic Conference) schools he had dreamed of attending.

To make a long story short, Kirk is now attending Bates College in Maine. Even though Bates’ tuition at $60,000 per year is more than twice the in-state tuition at UNH, I’m actually paying almost $3000 less out-of-pocket each year.

All Kirk and I can say, and we will tell anyone who will listen, is thanks.

Riley H
Like most financially responsible people, I hired a Financial Advisor and followed his advice when it came to investing for my three kids’ college educations. I thought I was doing all of the right things.

While sitting in Skip’s College Funding Workshop, I slowly and increasingly became physically ill. I realized that while my advisor might be pretty good at retirement planning, he had no idea of the ramifications of the education investments he directed us to.

I learned through Skip that not only were the 529 accounts getting lousy returns, but I was going to be assessed heavily on the Expected Family Contribution (drastically lowering my qualification for financial aid) by doing such a good job of contributing to the 529s over the past 6 years.

I was incensed that I had been given such poor advice, and that I was naive to accept it without question.

I have to thank my wife for getting me to the CFA Workshop. Under Skip’s direction, we have now transitioned multiple assets off the radar screen of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and made funding my children’s college educations much less expensive and stressful.

Tony K
Unfortunately I started late in my college planning. My investments were not growing at the rate I had expected. I was staying up nights, losing sleep, about my daughter Briana’s college applications.

In the fall of Briana’s senior year, we were looking at schools that I didn’t think I could afford, yet I didn’t want to say no and disappoint her. Her hopes and excitement were high. She went ahead and applied to her top choice schools, not knowing I wasn’t sure I could even send her. I knew I had to make it happen, but I had now idea how. The guilt, stress, and fear were overwhelming.

Luckily I was referred to Skip at CFA. In our first conversation, he put me at ease. He examined my finances and was able to help position me for a financial aid package that would make it possible for me to send my daughter to Princeton, the school of her dreams!

When the acceptance letter came, I was thrilled for my daughter. But it was when the financial aid package we expected arrived that I could finally breathe easy again. I can’t put a price on that.
Thanks, Skip!

Gail M